GloBrite Touch Screen LED Mirror!

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Welcome to todays post which is a little bit different – as I don’t often talk about products – but I’m excited to be doing so today. Today’s blog is in collaboration with Globrite, as I want to introduce you to this little gem I picked up, it’s a new mirror which I’ve been using recently. I really love this mirror for so many reasons! It not only looks so professional with the LED lights, but these obviously serve a really practical use too, as they are so helpful for that extra boost of lighting when applying make up.

The mirror angle is adjustable so you can angle it to however you need and of course fold it flat which is great for transporting. My absolute favourite thing about this Globrite mirror is how portable it is… As you can see from the photos, I took it to my recent stay at the Hoxton. The mirror is super light and clips together/ apart making this so easy to take on the move and enjoy at home. It’s not really advertised as a portable mirror, but it should be as it’s perfect for this! If you are anything like me and are here-there-and-everywhere, you’ll understand my pain of lugging your things about all the time, and luxuries like this make such a difference as I can fit it into my bag for on-the-go trips…You just can’t rely on hotels to provide decent mirrors sometimes, so I don’t risk it and always take my own! I’ll definitely be taking this on holiday as it’s such a good size! Needless to say my basic portable mirror is now tucked away in a draw. Obviously you’ll need to be careful taking this on the move as it’s not really designed for such use, but if you treat it with care and wrap it up well it will be fine – and has been for me! At a price of only £19.99 you can’t really go wrong! AND, you can use my code for 10% off: “Lucy10”

You’ll see from my photos the round magnifying extension mirror on the front. This actually clips on and off, so if you prefer the mirror without it you don’t have to clip it on. I actually find it really useful for looking closer whilst applying make up so I tend to leave it on.

The mirror does require batteries for the lights, which aren’t included – so you’ll need to pick some of these up! But they are only cheap so it wasn’t an issue and it means you don’t have to faff around with cables to use the lights which is fab!

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