Boxers and Briefs – Armani Collection

Hey guys,

Welcome to todays blog post in collaboration with Boxers and Briefs! If you haven’t heard of Boxers and Briefs before they stock mens and womans designer underwear. The brands they stock include Calvin Klein, DIESEL, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, of course Emporio Armani and many more. So a complete range of designer brands, all well known for their super cute sporty lounge and underwear. But, the best thing is, is that I’ve got a discount code where you can all receive 20% off  Boxers and Briefs using: LR20! That discount code is available site-wide, so it can be used on all the brands stocked at Boxers and Briefs.

When the new Emporio Armani collection dropped I knew I wanted to get some on. I love the colour pallet of the range with a theme of black, pink, grey, navy and white, all colours I tend to sway towards.  Boxers and Briefs sent me a range of the new styles and I’ve captured my favourites below, one of the best things about the range is that you can mix-and-match so easily. For instance, here I have teamed the pink bralette with joggers and the matching thong to the bralette with a T-shirt.

All in all I love the collection, and needless to say it is all super comfy which is an added bonus. Most the briefs come in a thong or pant style, so you can purchase whatever you prefer to wear! My favourite look is the navy blue shorts and top set below (first photos), i’ll definitely be wearing this for lounging in a lot. If you love designer underwear make sure you check out Boxers and Briefs, they stock mens and womans, so perfect for a gift opportunity too using my cheeky 20% off code “LR20.”

Also make sure you check out the full collection using the link below as there as so many more cute pieces!

Look One: navy shorts, navy top

Look Two: pink bralette, black lounge trousers

Look Three: grey top, grey thong

Look Four: t-shirt, pink thong

The whole new Armani collection: here