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Welcome! Today’s blog is a little bit different to usual; I’m so pleased that I have teamed up with the Fashion Retail Academy to let you all know a bit more about who they are. I regularly get emails from my followers asking for advice on pursuing a career in the fashion industry, so I’m hoping that many of you will find this useful.

If you’re seeking a career in the fashion industry the FRA is the place for you, with courses suitable for whatever path you wish to pursue into fashion. Whether it is within design, buying, marketing, you name it…the FRA offer a range of courses suitable for any aspiring fashion student. The FRA also has amazing links with big retails brands, whereby students can gain industry experience whilst studying, such as: ASOS, Arcadia,, New Look, Zara, and H&M and many more.

The FRA has so many courses on offer, and they are flexible to suit your needs. As well as the full time courses, they offer short-term, fast track, intensive courses and they’re even introducing degrees in September! So there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s a full time course for students looking to start a career in fashion, or a short term course to help you diversify expertise into a particular field. You can further your fashion knowledge to gain a career or even pursue a career change!

What I feel is one of the best things about studying at the FRA is that you don’t have to of already have chosen “your path.” Their Fashion Retail course is perfect for students that don’t know what area of fashion they want to pursue yet as it covers many different areas. Perhaps you have a slight idea on preference, but want to know for certain? If you have a passion for fashion but you’re not sure where to channel it yet? By studying the Fashion Retail course you get a taste for everything so you can discover what you excel at!

Below I will be giving a snippet of five of the most popular Level 4 courses. Of course this will be a very brief overview, if any catch your eye make sure you head over to the FRA website for more detailed information, linked below. 


Level 4 Fashion Retail (with Marketing and Business)

  • Covers multiple areas of retailing, preparing you for a variety of job roles. It allows you to explore all the areas and options open to you, which you may wish to pursue a role within.
  • Course covers internal head office functions of retailing such as store operations, management, HR and marketing. Along with covering external factors including consumer behavior and the retail environment.
  • Includes a placement in industry.
  • Course is a year but also available in a fast track or intensive course.


Level 4 Buying & Merchandising

  • Perfect for anyone wishing to pursue an entry-level position within buying or merchandising.
  • You will study customer profiling, consumer behavior, trend history, commercial range plans, garment technology, sourcing and critical path management.
  • Includes a work placement.
  • Available as a fast track course or an intensive course.


Level 4 Digital Marketing for Fashion

  • A specialist course that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to secure a role within fashion retail digital marketing.
  • You will cover the skills you need to optimize online sales via digital advertising, website and social media. You’ll also cover creating and implementing a marketing strategy and how to understand your audience.
  • Includes a project set by a fashion brand
  • Available as a year course or a fast track course.


Level 4 Visual Merchandising

  • Perfect for students looking to enter a career in visual merchandising or for someone who wants to build on existing knowledge or experience.
  • During this course you’ll gain the skills required to plan and install your own window displays, dress mannequins using effective industry techniques and understand the importance of store layout.
  • This course includes a work placement.
  • Available as a year course, a fast track course and an intensive course.


Level 4 Garment Technology for Fashion

  • Available as a one year course only.
  • Course focuses on product development for mass production within the dynamic fashion environment.
  • This course covers modifications to garment design, advising on fabric suitability, souring new fabrics, operating within budget, along with how to communicate effectively within the many different areas of business.
  • Includes a three week work placement.


Quick Q&A with Chloe Blake, (former FRA student and current FRA Social Media Manager): 

– What is a Level 4 course equivalent of?

A Level 4 course is above A-Levels but below a degree, perfect for someone who wants to get straight into a career rather than 3 years at uni.


– Do I need to have completed a Level 3 fashion course if I want to study a Level 4 course?

No, for a L4 course you just need 5 GCSE’s A-C grade incl. Maths and English plus 1 A-Level/equivalent.


– What course should I study if I don’t know what area I want to go into yet?

I would suggest any of the ‘Fashion Retail’ courses. They give a great overview of all aspects of the industry.


 – Do I need a blog if I want to go into fashion?

No definitely not. I think it can help if you do as it demonstrates that you are aware of what’s going on in industry and keeping up with current trends etc. 


– How do I get work experience within the big fashion brands whilst at the FRA? Are the placements guaranteed if I study with you?

We offer work placements on almost all of our courses. These are arranged for you by our fabulous retail liaison team and our retail partners!


 – How many days a week will I be required to come in for a full-time course? Do we get study time allocated within the week to compete our coursework and projects?

2 days per week and the coursework, projects etc is either completed within lessons or on the other three days that you aren’t in the academy. Students are welcome to use the FRA’s facilities on their days off 🙂


Want to know more?

Make sure you check out the FRA website here for much for information or email:

Instagram: @fashionretailacademy

Snapchat: @FRA_London

Facebook: The Fashion Retail Academy

Twitter: @FRALondon